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To Explore Paris

Welcome to Paris! This page was designed especially for you, with Courtesy of Paris Eiffel Tower News, which may come to Paris for the first time. We wanted to give you some friendly advice to prepare your arrival, and some ideas for interesting walks to do during your stay in the City of Light. Happy reading!

Prepare well a

Once rested the stress of travel and installed in your comfortable room, you're ready to go on an adventure through the streets of the capital! But before you set foot outside, make sure you dress comfortably for the occasion. First, put on your property. Get ready to walk long because you stop very often to discover lots of interesting details. You know how a day of shopping in stores can ruin your legs ... Stop, start, stop again ... In short, if your feet are not good shoes, prepare to suffer. Visiting the Eiffel Tower means say 30 minutes of waiting often to the ticket booth, yet several minutes waiting for the elevator, a small time trampling in the floors of the Tower, and waiting some more for down. ... So get yourself a good pair of shoes, and too bad for fashion if you have to sacrifice beauty for comfort!

The weather in Paris can be capricious: a beautiful sunny morning can quickly turn into a cloudy sky accompanied by a small cold wind gently. For our Canadian friends used to the time of Montreal, the climate of Paris seem very sweet. But for our visitors from the south of France, it is good to know that apart from the period May-September, Paris is not hot. So feel free to take a sweater and a good windbreak in your luggage. And in any case, do not forget your umbrella, it may become your best friend in the streets, especially if you want to take pictures of the city ... Rain and camera lenses do not mix.

The savvy tips Paris

You are now ready to go out, well equipped for the occasion. Some useful tips:


Avoid taking a taxi during the day, especially the morning until 11:00 and late afternoon, from 4 to 8. The streets are clogged, and take a taxi during these hours is to be sure to watch the meter run while you nothing. Take the subway, it's easier, cheaper and very fast. Here is a map of the Paris Metro (click on the image).
The price of taxis: the meter (meter) displays the fare and one of three letters: A, B, or C. If you are in Paris itself or on the ring road, the tariff A applies during the day from 6:00 to 20:00, and the B rate during the night until 6:00 am. When you leave Paris intra-muros, the driver will turn on the B rate during the day and the C rate from 20.00. If you are far from Paris, the C rate applies at all times. You will pay extra for every luggage loaded in the trunk of the car, and if you take the cab from an airport. Do not try to catch a taxi in the street if you are less than 100 meters from a station: taxis can not load passengers near a station, they are required to go to the station head the station itself. So stay away from the station, or go to the taxi station from the station.


The restaurants are beginning to fill up around 12:15 and remain filled until 13:30. At night, they fill up at 19:30 and usually always full not before 22:00. If you do not want to wait to eat, dine early, from 18:00 to 19:00. Warning: Restaurants rarely serve between 14:00 and 18:00.

Having a drink on the terrace of a cafe and watch the passers Parisians and foreigners: what pleasant occupation! But your consumption will be charged generally more expensive than inside the cafe. Parisian coffee boys are impatient. They are not rude, just in a hurry. Do not take it badly if they turn their backs when you take a bit too long to order: they want to quickly serve other customers. They will come back anyway at your table.

In Parisian restaurants, servers do not necessarily return you to ascertain the quality of your meals when you were served. Do not feel ignored either. They just want to avoid disturbing you in your dégustation.Le tip: your bill is "service included", ie you do not need to leave a tip. If you want to please the server, let him 1 euro coffee and a few euros in a restaurant. But you are not required. For our Canadian friends, know that your credit card slip (which you sign) does not include a line "Gratuity".

Here you are armed with these tips, you are ready to conquer the asphalt. On to places to visit!

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