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The Parc de la Villette

The Parc de la Villette, located in the nineteenth arrondissement of Paris (district of Pont-de-Flanders), is one of the largest parks in the capital. This unique complex with 55 hectares of the park, 35 outdoor, combines nature and modern architecture, areas and recreation areas for children and adults, cultural venues and theaters. Arts and science coexist in places whose architecture is spectacular!

In creating the park of La Villette, Bernard Tschumi has made the largest green space in Paris an innovative urban park, reconciling the city with its environment.

The Parc de la Villette features a varied cultural program throughout the year with numerous entertainment opportunities: concerts (jazz, world music, electronic, classical, contemporary, pop and rock), contemporary circus, exhibitions, theater, dance, outdoor cinema ...
The Parc de la Villette is distinguished by its lack of enclosure is open day and night!

Open from 6 am to 1 am, is accessed by subway, bus, on foot, bicycle and even by boat!
The Parc de la Villette is a 20 minute walk from our hotel!
Here in detail what you can find:

  • The Argonaut: A former submarine the Navy has left the waters to turn into museum. This visit from the cockpit to the torpedo tube. The discovery of its technological secrets and crew living conditions delight young and old.
  • Wild Cabaret: With a capacity of 1200 persons standing and 600 seated, dance, music, theater and circus are among the disciplines that share the poster for the Cabaret Sauvage.
  • Equestrian center and offers a wide range of activities for children and adults: introductory courses for younger internships at various times, lessons are taught during the day and evening. You will find a spacious barn, a large riding school and a career. The club organizes occasional events and walks in the forests of Île-de-France in equestrian holidays. Featuring a mini shop, the center provides its riders all the necessary equipment.
  • The City of Science and Industry: Its primary mission is the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge to citizens. It is divided into several dedicated areas, including the Children's City (for 2-7 years and 5-12 years) whose mission is to arouse curiosity and prepare for future learning. Through fun and varied experiences, children and adolescents discover the secrets of science.
  • Paris Conservatory
  • Space Capitals: A place for the representation of contemporary circus in Paris. On an area of ​​4200 m², emerging circus companies or confirmed succeed. Featuring among others in his colorful canvases the High Voltage festival circus, Space Capitals actively supporting the circus arts by hosting many companies like the Cirque Plume.
  • Geode: This is a movie theater that offers a unique sensory experience through a hemispherical screen of 1000 m², giant-size images (Imax) and a single spatial sound system in the world. The educational projections are used to absorb the natural mechanisms and scientists through a complete immersion into the image and sound. Alone or with family, discover the secrets of the seabed, the Grand Canyon, Jerusalem and many other fascinating topics!
  • Great Hall: Has turned into exhibition center and cultural events while maintaining the same architecture of the old slaughterhouse all glass and iron. Renovated in 2005, this is now a center of cultural and social diversity, like de la Villette.
  • Philharmonie de Paris: The Paris Philharmonic large symphony orchestras program but also presents a diverse repertoire, reflecting the diversity advocated by the Villette. Various musical expressions, such as world music or jazz also have a place in programming.
  • The Zenith in Paris: huge concert hall with 6290 seats. Zenith is a must for large French and international groups.

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